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Did you know ....

We have been here for many years now ( OMG!!! Since 1991 in Daytona Beach area) (that's 30 years). During that time we have met people from all over the world, while most are from the US. It has been a pleasure to meet 99.9% of them (I am honest). We could not survive without all of you - but we need to see you more often. So I want to share a few items about our company, in case ya didn't know.

* Ron has been with the company since the beginning. Rebecca since 1999 and Kenny since 2002. This is the whole staff. We get to know you and your needs and we are always happy to see you when you come in, even if it is just to ask a question or two.

* Because we take the time to get to know you and how you use your computer, we have the ability to create the computer that is perfect FOR YOU and your needs.

* We care more about security than sales. We sell and install a security program on your computer that keeps many of our customers away BECAUSE they just do not see the problems that they had before with Malware, Spyware, etc. That's okay! We know they are safe.

* We can help you find anything that you are looking for, whether upgrade parts to work with your existing equipment or even replacement equipment when you need it.

* You can order the parts yourself (getting your best price shopping where ever you choose to) and bring them in and we will install them for you while tuning up the computer for the optimum performance. Just give us a chance to help you choose the parts that will be right for your needs.

* When we build you a computer, the parts (because here that is what it is ... parts) are all covered by their manufacturer for a period of time (typically 3-5 Years). You DO NOT PAY extra for that. On top of this, we cover the first year of all hardware that we purchase for you. Again, no additional cost for this. We believe in the parts that we buy and are very selective.

* We do not keep a lot of parts in stock because we always want to be able to give you the absolute best price.

* We have a remote support service that is call on demand and we can help you many times with those little questions for minimal and you do not have to leave the house. All you need is an active internet connection. Then give us a call. During business hours we will connect into your computer and you will be able to see everything that we do. And if you have questions about what we will do you get to ask - and get an answer in English (not computer). We believe you should understand your computer.

* Rebecca teaches computers, with a emphasis on supporting seniors and middle age adults. This service is provided one on one sitting next to you and working on your equipment for a fair affordable fee. You get her undivided attention and her 21 years teaching adults from 40 up to 102 years of age at your disposal. And Rebecca also supports seniors locally who do not have family around. This usually relieves stress in the family and places the task on her shoulders.

* We will pick up and deliver computers for those within a two mile radius who are unable to bring them in. We also can come to your home to advise you on many things on Wednesday mornings if an appointment is made. This is for short appointments that take one hour or less to complete. This includes computer setup and install.

* We are here for you to discuss the new technologies with. If you are thinking of CUTTING THE CORD we have antennas (indoor and outdoor from a terrific company). We researched and chose the best antenna for our locale. They have a 60-80 mile range and do a terrific job. If you have been thinking about it - come talk to us. We may be able to do the install for you also if you need it.

* Want to find out about the different choices for STREAMING and how they work??? We are here and can answer your questions.

* We can help you plan the best secure camera solution for your needs. Again, just come in and ask. This industry is changing rapidly and we try to stay on top of it.

* Local businesses can benefit from using our services. You get to know and trust your tech. It has been 30 years and we are still the same people. Support local business. You will never get this quality of service in a big box store.

* We have a program we will be running that lets you or your teenager learn to build their own computer the right way with the right parts. More information will be coming in the future but this was successful in the past and we believe this current generation can also benefit from the knowledge and sense of pride that they achieve.

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