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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is here once again. While you may have been making your hurricane prep, you may not have thought of a few items. We remember to keep our tanks at least half full through the six months of the season and to have water and non-perishable food at the ready should we need it. We keep our mobile devices charged and have batteries on hand for flashlights, etc. But do you have an alternative plan to be able to watch TV?

While you can get updates on the storm through your mobile device, if you lose power then you want to conserve your battery for contacting family members, friends, and emergency first responders. The best way to prepare for a hurricane and still be able to watch TV, is to invest in a reliable HD TV Antenna which you can connect to your tv/generator or a digital ready TV that can be run on batteries.

After researching the options that were on the market, RST Computers chose to partner with the ANTOP corporation. Both Ron and I have been using different models of antenna at our respective homes. I live on the beachside in Daytona and am able to access 68 channels – for free. Ron lives in midtown Daytona and gets 58 channels – for free.

The ANTOP antennas that we sell vary in size and range to meet the many needs of our customers. They are omni-directional and come with a smart pass amplifier for improved signal. ANTOP also uses a built-in 4G LTE Filter to reduce pixelation. We carry three different models. They can be used inside or outside – depending on your location and signal strength.

Prices range from $60.00 to $135.00 and are in stock now and depending on the model will pick up signals from 65-80 miles away.

To see if your location is a good fit for an antenna, using your cell phone or tablet, download the antenna point app. Once installed, open the app. A map will become visible which will show you the location of the strongest signals. If you tap over to the Towers & Channels section, it will show what channels you can expect to receive. The one thing to keep in mind is to keep a clear path (don’t put the antenna in front of a tree or building that can block the signal). We have had customers who keep in a window on the bottom floor of their two-story house – and they live in the trails, a very wooded subdivision.

You can use the antennas on boats and recreational vehicles also.

Stop at RST Computers to discuss the antennas which we have and what might work best for your needs. Who knows, you just might decide to give up the overpriced tv plan you have with Satellite or Cable as so many others have.

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