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Antop AT-800SBS Antenna

Antop AT-800SBS HDTV&Fm Amplified Antenna with Noise-Free 4G LTE Filter & Smart Boost System for Dual Connectivity, Support TV and A Second Device(Tv, FM or OTA-Ready Streaming Device or Projector)



FREE TV FOR LIFE! No monthly bill for watching TV!

Download the Antenna Point APP to see if this is a good option for you.

Who really watches 256 channels of tv? How many channels are you paying for that you do not even watch? The cost is astronomical. This is just one of the many solutions that exist to get that bill in control. With the AT-800SBS Antenna you can do just that. Depending on your location, the antenna may be used indoor or outdoor.

  • Smart boost system with built- in adjustment dial - allows for an easier connection and delivers the correct balance From 0 to 85 miles reception range with just a turn of the dial. Adjustable amplifier strength and antenna’s reception power based on your location’s specific needs.

  • Dual connectivity - allows to connect to a second device (a second TV, FM stereo or any ota-ready streaming device or Projector) simultaneously via the secondary output on the smart boost system. Makes a great complement to a media streamer.

  • Shields against interference - build in 4G LTE Filter shields against interference and blocks unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals for stable performance. Enjoy smooth and crystal clear 4K HDTV experience.

  • Integrated FM antenna - allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations. Features a multi-directional reception pattern with ample signal range to receive local broadcasts. Connect the antenna to a radio/ stereo receiver or tuner to enjoy local AM and FM radio broadcasts.

  • Easy, plug and play setup - lets you install it in any one of a variety of locations around your home to best suit your signal. Aesthetically pleasing sculpture-like design with multiple positioning of table standing and wall mounting matches a wide range of home interior styles.

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