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Helpful Downloads

The files listed on this page are files that we feel will be helpful to you in conjunction with our service offerings. Links are provided to our Dropbox where the file is stored securely for your use. You do not need Dropbox to download the file. Just close the message to create or sign in. Then click on the button to download. Then click on DOWNLOAD. Save the file to the download folder or somewhere you can find it. Run the file on the computer to install it. In the case of VIPRE we will send you the license number if you need it.

Libre Office is a full office suite (similar to Microsoft Office) BUT FREE!  And not only is it free, it allows you to read your files created with Microsoft Office. This is a great option for those who don't want to have the expense of the MS product subscription.  It is available for computers running Linux, MAC and Windows.


Libre includes the following modules:

Click on the button to the left to download the Vipre Internet Security program. This is a thirty day trial for the program and will expire if the purchase key is not entered before time is up. We are providing this for our customers who may need to reinstall the program. The file is kept on our secure server.  

  1. Click the button to the left.

  2. In the window that opens, click on the download button.

  3. It will take a few seconds (about 30) for the page to load. Once it does, you may see a security warning that the file could not be checked. This is okay. Click Download anyway.

  4. Once the file is downloaded, locate the file in your downloads and install the program. 

  5. To activate the software with your license, enter your key which can be found on your invoice from the time of purchase. If you need your number, give us a call at the store 386-677-9888 and we will provide it for you.

While this is not a download, we do feel it is a very important tool for our customers. The FTC has many training tools to help consumers understand the different types of SCAMS and how to tell if you have been a victim of Identity Theft. We found this video to be very helpful.

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