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Antop AT-400BV    "Big Boy" Antenna

ANTOP Outdoor/Indoor HDTV Antenna, "Big Boy" Series AT-400BV, Smartpass Amplifier, 85 Miles Range, UHF/VHF Range Enhanced, Support 4K 1080p


FREE TV FOR LIFE! No monthly bill for watching TV!

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Who really watches 256 channels of tv? How many channels are you paying for that you do not even watch? The cost is astronomical. This is just one of the many solutions that exist to get that bill in control. With the AT-400BV Antenna you can do just that and it takes up minimal space. Depending on your location, the antenna may be used indoor or outdoor.

  • ANTOP "Big Boy" Series AT-400BV, Smartpass Amplifier, Outdoor/Indoor HDTV Antenna, 85 Miles Range, UHF/VHF Range Enhanced, Support 4K 1080p

  • Durable exterior and water resistant design provide clear pictures and full channel capacity even during bad weather intervened. 

  • The AT-400BV-AMZ includes VHF Enhancer rods to strengthen VHF reception, don't need to use remote control to rotate a traditional huge outdoor HDTV antenna to receive better signal, no worry about If the long cable been tied together once rotated antennae in windy days. 

  • Smartpass amplifier technology use all-in-one design to allow an easier connection between a non-amplified/passive antenna and your TV delivering the correct balance between short and long range reception. ANTOP was the first antenna manufacturer to include a built in 4G filter in all their amplified products to block 3G and 4G wireless signals to ensure noise-free digital TV reception. 

  • Tools-free and easier installation. Compared with big size traditional Yagi antenna, This modern antenna is much easier to install by our included accessories and provides visual appeal. 

  • The reception range of this flat panel antenna is strong enough to power up few TVs with Splitter. Invest in the best, so you can start saving today and enjoy HD quality local broadcasts in multiple rooms!

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