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About Us


Way back in 1991, local residents had a desire to get involved in an industry that was just beginning to have an impact on daily lives. They started recycling computer equipment, but quickly changed to providing computer services, repairs and custom built computer systems to homes and businesses. The tech who worked way back then, Ron, is still with the company.

As the industry changed, some changes within the company also took place. In 1999, Rebecca purchased the business and Ron and Rebecca continued to provide fast and honest service to the local area. In 2005, Kenny (Rebecca’s husband and a Vietnam Vet) came on board to add his experience with computer networking and business services. Although he may still be in the shop from time to time to help out, Kenny has primarily retired as of 2022. Rebecca started learning web design in 2000 and has been working in this area ever since, providing affordable solutions to small businesses all over the US.

Rebecca also provides training services to our clients who need them. We do not have a classroom and we only teach you what you want to learn. The rates are affordable and she has been providing this service since 2000. It is her belief that the more educated a customer is on technology, the strength of their choices becomes better and their protection while using a computer increases.

Rebecca, Ken and Ron have been learning computers since the beginning. They are self taught and each day they learn something new. The industry changes almost daily, as do security threats to our users, and RST Computers does our best to keep you up and keep you safe.

Over the last few years we have been asked to come up with service packages and after much consideration, we now have some available. We help consumers and small businesses and offer discounts to students, military and retired military, and seniors.

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