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How to save money on cell service

This is a screen capture of the latest coverage map for Google Fi (a very affordable cellular option for many people). Three years ago we switched from T-Mobile to Google Fi. We saved about $70 a month doing so on a 3 phone plan and this even included payments on 3 Google Pixel Phones. The service has been great. Absolutely no complaints! And the phones are great. Do you have any idea how wonderful a phone can be when you eliminate all the extra companies that climb in the phone.

What this means: Lets say you have a Samsung phone on AT&T's service running Android OS. That is 3 companies. Google is the OS and put every app in the phone that you need for it to operate properly. BUT AT&T and Samsung want you to think of them first so they also put in apps, and many of them duplicate what the original apps would do (messages, contacts, mail and photo gallery come to mind right off the bat). But when you get a Google Pixel Phone with Google Fi service, the only apps in your phone are the original apps that handle to above mentioned tasks.

Why is this important? Well, if you decide to go to a different service or even brand of phone, all of your contacts, messages, pictures, etc. are stored in your secure account and transfer seamlessly. Not true if you are using the Samsung apps and switch to another brand phone.

The plans are very affordable and as you can see, there is plenty of coverage. Not to mention all the bonus features. Next time you are looking to save a little money on your cell phone service, you might want to give Google Fi a look.

And although I did not mention it earlier, the camera on the Pixel phones is amazing and takes great daylight and nighttime pictures. A few examples are below.

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